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San Diego

Amon, born and bred straight out of “Daygo” (San Diego for the non Californian’s), has seemingly almost effortlessly begun to impact the music game, building his name and credibility in the industry. Amon’s honest and transparent style of smooth hip-hop is infectious to his listeners. Choosing to ‘tell it like it is’, his real-life based music content seems to resonate with just about any and everyone who discovers it, collecting over half-a-million plays on Soundcloud. Truly a voice of his audience, Amon’s sound fills your ears with simplistic yet catchy beats under slick yet honest lyrics that listeners will find themselves relating to at any given moment (80% of which are produced by Amon himself).

Having dropped a song a week for 52 consecutive weeks, Amon is on the rise and has no intention of slowing down. Constantly gaining new support and attention daily, Amon has been featured on top rising music industry blogs, such as Earmilk, Elavator, Lyrical Lemonade, and...

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