Anyone's Guess Band


The Anyone’s Guess Band sources only the finest cross-genre musical materials from the 80s, 90s, 20s and Today, handcrafts them with unique style, packages them into bespoke ever-changing set lists and then delivers these fine quality tunes to their audiences wrapped in a sonic experience not often found. Their portfolio of songs has one theme in common: They must be great tunes that everyone knows, which aren't played by every other band out there.

The Anyone's Guess Band delivers a unique and contagiously energetic musical experience that leaves you wanting more.

Christina B  April 24 2023

Saw this band during an out of state visit, and they were so good I just had to leave a review! They're very talented and have a great sound, but what I loved the most about them was their connection with the crowd and their ability to feel the room. Chalk it up to experience, musicianship, I don't know. What I do know is, despite my group not usually being the type to dance in public, they had us on our feet dancing the night away. ...Maybe it's witchcraft!? Whatever it is, when I find myself in their area again, I will absolutely try to catch another show.

GigTown User  April 24 2023

Saw them at Palomar. They're true professionals that just know how to rock!

GigTown User  April 23 2023

This band was great! They're different from most other bands I've seen. The song choices are awesome! I highly recommend seeing them!

GigTown User  April 20 2023

I had a Great time dancing to the music of Anyones Guess at Palomar Mountain Winery.

GigTown User  April 20 2023

True professionals. Great entertainers. Amazing vocals.

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