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Aurora is the red light in the sky this means that doesn't matter how hard, how ugly or how bad your day is going, when you see that light you know there’s a new day coming and a new chance to change your life.

Aurora is a alternative rock band from San Diego California formed by 3 guys playing because they love music. JC with his lyrics, hard riffs, cool rhythm and stories to tell. Dan with his methodical drums, drives the pulse to the band. Steve with his bass lines and imaginative effects-flavored fills. After dozens upon dozens of different bands for decades until finally the right mix and the right music. This is what makes Aurora special.

My name is JC and I'm the vocalist of the band Aurora, alternative rock band from San Diego. We are looking for places to play in San Diego (willing to play for free to get our music and love of playing out). You can check our music, pictures and videos in our website at

We can bring more people on a Friday...

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