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Seamlessly weaving an unforgettable tale of intricate chord progressions, soaring melodies and haunting harmonies, while firmly anchoring themselves to inescapable foot-tapping rhythms by way of an endless list of "soundtrack-to-your-life" song choices and audience favorites, BellMark is the the musical aftermath of what happens when East Coast and West Coast sonically collide at precisely the right time and moment in time. With more than 40 years of collective stage experience, this duo has wowed audiences of every genre and size, from tiny back-room speak easys in Manhattan, to Celtic festivals by the thousands in Scotland and everything in between. Dubbed "The Two-Headed Jukebox" by their loyal fanbase, BellMark creates their own, infectious brand of often-undefinable feel-good music each night they perform and together, they ensure every show is a unique, stand-alone memory worth cherishing for both the band and the audience alike.

Whether covering The Beatles, Sublime, Cat...

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