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San Diego

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Michael Davis A.K.A BoX BoY Mike SpitZ is a West Coast "Hemp Hop"rapper by way of El Cajon city/San Diego California. He has been a well-known local MC for nearly 10 years now solo and alongside DNA Forensics & Paper Pat in which the three make the group Chuccs &Timbs!Having dropped 7 Albums(Chuccs&Timbs Street Thieves,Barsbarian,Truth&Fantasy the adventure,Midnight Marauders2013 Chuccs&Timbs"self titled", Pieces of me"and his latest release The King & i(w/King SlumpZ). He has opened up for many of the biggest stars in hip hop such as ...Twista,Sugafree,E-40,DMX,Scarface,Bone Thugs,Crooked i,The DoveShack,DipSet,Jayo Felony,The Dogg Pound,RassKass and many more

Nicknamed "the entertainer" because of his many talents "BBMS" is one of the 3 stars of the up coming Movie #Joint Venture,brought to you by Howard Wilburn and Bad Conduct pictures alongside Licwit Loco & Daryl Kinder(KDA Mac) and the anchorman of the hit webisode "SmokinWitSpitZ/TheRollinStoner" on YouTube where he...

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