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I’m a nomadic traveler, climber, and songwriter. Those who live this life-style affectionately call themselves “dirtbags” and I’m no different! I’ve lived on the road traveling to various backcountry destinations for years now and have largely supported myself off of the music I perform on the streets as a busker. This adventure has deeply shaped the person I am and the experiences have inspired much of my music and writing. My writing tone is shaped around the intent to hold space for honest feelings and poetic language tends to follow. Music has been my journal for years and I’m honored to share!

GigTown User  February 20 2023

Brice is an amazing singer and incredibly gifted songwriter with an original set list about his life and travels. His lyrics are insightful and poetic. He is a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of local artists who mostly stick to covers. His songs are catchy and are well received at several different kinds of establishments. Very excited for his first album to drop later this year.

Acoustic Guitar