Connor Correll
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Connor Correll

San Diego

I'm Connor Correll, a local singer/songwriter and I'm looking to reach more people in San Diego with my music. I am young (21) but a well experienced performer and see again and again the power music has to bring healing to hearts and spark life in souls.

I play with a percussionist (cajon and djembe) and we have all our own equipment if needed. If you are focused on hiring musicians for the sole purpose of bringing a guaranteed large number of friends and family with them, then in all honesty we would not be right for you. We promote our gigs the best we are able, but at this time we bring on average 5-10 people per concert. However, if you are interested in hiring musicians based on their ability to create a deeply attractive and intimate atmosphere, I am confident in saying that it would be of mutual benefit to book us at your place :)


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