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Music is life and I'm the life of the party. I feel fortunate to grow up listening to the 1990s-2000s era of music and around friends who are DJ's, which has inspired me to be the DJ that I am today. An open-format and plays a mix of many genres, while specializes in Hip-Hop, R&B, Classics and Chart Music. I have always been open minded to music for a wide variety of audiences and events. My ability to read the crowd, naturally raises the energy level of the room. Hard to put into words, but music drives me and I enjoy connecting with people through the art of DJing.
Just a little bit about my DJ background. I used to be one of the resident DJ's at the Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown SD. I was the main DJ at Swami's Café and played a couple times for Altitude and STK Rooftop. I've also done over 50 Weddings and served as an MC. I’ve always made certain the bride and groom are relaxed and guided seamlessly throughout the event.

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Gigtown Pro  May 02 2023
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Gigtown Pro  March 06 2023
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Gigtown Pro  January 06 2023
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Gigtown Pro  November 14 2022
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Gigtown Pro  November 01 2022