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Grim Bernhoft

San Diego

Grim Bernhoft is a California based singer songwriter, He was born in Stockholm, Sweden but raised under the midnight sun of the tiny islands of Lofoten, Norway. With a family of music and art, and a house always visited by some of the biggest in folk music, late nights and music and laughter seamed like a natural part of life growing up.
The music of Grim HC Bernhoft is a mixture of traditional folk and more modern singer songwriter style, all with the intent of creating harmony and an outlet for feelings needing more than words to be understood, always honest, from the heart lyrics. Grim is now able to open the door to his words and thoughts with music belonging truly nowhere but everywhere.

"Grim, your music is like a cool breeze on summer day. This is the real deal, man. Life is Poetry and this song is life in just over four minutes. Frank Smith "

"Engaging, well-crafted compositions and well-executed performance & production! Fine tracks -- Kerry "


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