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Heart Pharmacy is an Acoustic/Indie/Electronic musical project by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ali Sarijlou formed in 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah. With the release of his second full length album “Drive” and the licensing of the song “California” to Rock Band, Heart Pharmacy has proven his continued commitment to delivering high quality, innovative, and original music. Aside from writing, recording, and engineering his own sessions, most fans are unaware that Sarijlou manages, maintains, and funds Heart Pharmacy by himself. With the highly anticipated third album "Xtablet" aimed for release late 2015, Ali has already given us a taste of his marksman versatility with the recent release of “Together In Your Own Way” and “Chemistry”. Two singles both of which he wrote, tracked and mixed single handedly. He is an artist who truly knows what he likes and who he is. In a drastically changed music industry, Sarijlou strives to stay true to his musical roots. He is not in it...

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