Jehua Evans

Jehua Evans

San Diego

Jehua (pronounced jay-who-ahh) is an independent musician, singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Hawaii, his passion for music started at an early age in front of a piano. That passion has landed him in various bands ranging from oldies to ska, reggae and rock. After fronting his own groups for many years, he joined the Hawaii-based reggae band Natural Vibrations, releasing 4 albums with them as an integral part of their vocals and bass.
Now based out of San Diego, Jehua is releasing his solo work and developing his looping set of Hawaiian classics, today and yesterday's hits. Catch him at local venues playing ukulele, acoustic guitar and keyboards.

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Gigtown Pro  January 28 2022

Nice blend of instruments and smooth sound & vibe.

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  June 01 2021

So talented! We love his beach vibes and live looping/on man band.

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  April 05 2021

Loved the live looping and multi-instruments! Great overall sound.

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Gigtown Pro  April 10 2019

Nice variety and feel good vibes!

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Gigtown Pro  October 06 2023

Acoustic Guitar