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Jimmy & Enrique

San Diego

Guitarist Jimmy Patton and percussionist Enrique Platas have combined their talents to form this award-winning duo that is signed to the Pacific Records label. Jimmy and Enrique is the acoustic and magical sound of two artists that sounds like 6 people on stage. Their music can be described as having an international flair as they incorporate flamenco, middle-eastern, salsa, calypso, Brazilian, and other world rhythms into their compositions and arrangements. Jimmy and Enrique's musical collaboration has given creation to their unique, fiery world-music style that has captivated audiences from all over. Listeners will experience virtuosic guitar passages accompanied by exotic percussive rhythms, which together produce a sound that will grab your soul.

It’s a guitar and percussion experience; it’s world class, world music.

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Gigtown Pro  October 14 2021

Perfect fit and vibe for our event! Amazing guitar player and live looping one man band!

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  June 21 2021

What a talented guitar player. Jimmy makes the live looping one man band look so easy...he sounds amazing!

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  October 23 2020

Very talented guitar player! His music selection was perfect for our event as well!

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  February 05 2020

Great music and vibe! Very talented musicians!

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  October 21 2021