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San Diego

Jovias is a rock band based out of San Diego, CA. Even though they only formed two short years ago, they have already impacted the underground San Diego music scene and have dominated the local airwaves with their sonic intensity and sweepingly high level of energy.

Michelle who is the face and lead vocalist of the band is from Oahu, HI and resides in San Diego, CA. Her extensive vocal range and depth makes her stand clearly apart from other female vocalists in the rock scene. She gives you not just goosebumps but a surreal cerebral experience when she passionately and vocally expresses herself. Connecting with the audience by lyrically painting a picture and expressing a story with her voice is her passion.

James Boucree, "it's all about the bass" is the bassist. He grew up in San Diego, CA and solidly thumps the deep tones of his bass guitar as if he is looking for the next best craft beer. He loves playing in the band and he also loves to travel.

Riley is from Carlsbad, CA...

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