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San Diego-based musician, Matthew Phillips, is trailblazing across worldwide stages, pairing electronic elements, cinematic soundscapes and classic hook-filled lyrics that breathe new life into the alternative genre. Accompanied by stellar reviews from his sold out concerts and a rapidly growing fan base, Matthew's guitar playing has caught the attention of the top guitar manufacturers in the music industry: Fender, Taylor, Seymour Duncan, Telefunken, JHS, RJM, Focusrite, and Voss, to name a few. He has performed at many legendary venues including: The Troubadour (West Hollywood, CA), KAABOO Music Festival (with Tom Petty, MUSE, PINK, Red Hot Chili Peppers), The Saban Theatre (Beverly Hills, CA), The House of Blues (Anaheim and San Diego, CA), The Whisky a Go-Go (Hollywood, CA), and The Cavern Club (Liverpool).

The “Discovery Tour” began as a series of open mics that gained global attention and evolved into the “So In Love Tour” which took the artist to various venues and major...

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Amanda De La Torre  February 11 2018

I've seen him live a few times and man, does this guy have talent! Always a good show and a good time! He rocks 😊

jwatson8079  February 06 2018

Matthew Phillips is such a talented musician. He has so much energy on stage and gives an amazing performance. I love when he interacts with the crowd and everyone just sings along. He’s also a great guy in person. He loves meeting his fans and getting to know them after and before his shows.

Bob Warner  February 05 2018

I recently had the opportunity to see in person a local song writer/guitarist named Matthew Phillips. Matt was playing at the Music Box along with four other hopeful contestants/bands for the chance to show off their talents at Kaaboo, the largest music and comedy venue in San Diego County. Matthew Phillips is a solo act. He is a young lead vocals/guitarist who hires out other moving band parts that are necessary to illuminate his type music genre. But don't get me wrong, Matt is in fact the main event, with or without a band beside him. I was lucky enough to be standing in the first row as Matthew walked on stage. I first noticed his stage presence was well beyond his years. He showed no signs of being nervous or hurried prior to his first music rip. A tall slender build, good looking in appearance and sporting a golden colored Fender Stratocaster, Matthew conveyed the veteran actions of a pop/rock artist. The crowd cheered as Matthew was announced. It was easy to see that Matthew Phillips was the main act and not just a contender. Matthew can stray from playing chords and singing his own rhythmic songs to playing calculated hard rock notes, if need be. Matthew made eye contact with all in attendance. He hit every note both on guitar and while singing. Matthew is humble, approachable, a bit shy (unless he's performing). I was lucky enough to see Matthew prior to him becoming a household name. FULL REVIEW

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Gale Hopping  June 06 2017

Matthew Phillips and crew are "all that" not only are they great musicians but the people Matt plays with are counted professionals as well. I personally have worked with Matt twice now at Mother's Saloon with great results by bringing 60+ peeps and doing well with bar sales too. highly recommended

Nina Francis  May 31 2017

Matthew absolutely rocks!! He's an incredibly talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter. On top of that he's professional, communicative, and precise. You can count on Matthew. Not to mention he has a great following whom he connects together as a community. He always fills the room with great energy! Excellent!