Mojo Jackson

San Diego

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Play Song Parachute
Play Song Rise Up
Play Song Damn Near Mexico (Album Version)
Play Song Sing Halellujah
Play Song Howlin' At The Moon
Play Song The Devil Came To Play
Play Song Safety
Play Song Watch Out For The Devil
Play Song Bumble Bee

What do you get when you put TJ 'Mo'ss, 'Jo'nathan Walsh & Jackson Price together? You get Mojo Jackson! This high energy, charismatic, three piece band has been in the making for 5 years, and it has most certainly arrived. TJ Moss & Jonathan Walsh (of The Yes Team) have been playing, and writing, with Jackson Price (of the Jackson Price Band) since they moved from NYC to San Diego. All those years of friendship and camaraderie have led up to this moment! Bringing together elements of pop, rock, soul & funk this high energy band is the perfect experience for any venue.

They have hours of original music, and cover everything from The Beatles to Taylor Swift but that's not all...have you ever wanted a song written about you? Go to one of their shows and they'll write one for you on the spot! With their unique ability to pull words and harmonies out of thin air you'll find yourself reaching for your phone to grab what will undoubtedly be a very special memory. We'll see you soon!

Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  February 24 2017

Energetic, fun, and groovy!

Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  November 29 2016


Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  July 16 2019
Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  November 05 2018
Verified Booking
Private Event  August 28 2018