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Nicky Venus

San Diego

Who is Nicky Venus? Maybe that's the wrong question. Maybe we should be asking where his haunting and hypnotic music comes from. We know this much: there was the one that got away, and an attempt to mend a broken heart that led to a global adventure fueled by pain and lust. We know that the debut collection of lovelorn, carnal dispatches from Nicky Venus was conceived on the road.

With nothing more than a laptop, backpack, and an unmailed letter, he searched the world and eventually found himself in The East. From Manila to Tokyo, from nights lit by moon and candlelight to those drenched in the glare of LED and neon, from humble villages to extravagant hotels and nightclubs, NV found inspiration in the heart and soul of Asia. The result of his journey is the album Little Runner, a highly danceable album about suffering for love.


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