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David Maldonado’s “NOCHE DE PASION”-
100 years of Spanish guitar in one passionate night!

Take a musical journey through Spain, Morocco, Egypt, and beyond exploring the romance, emotion, and the passion of the Spanish Guitar. Reflecting the new generation of Spanish composers, guitar maestro David Maldonado performs 100 Years of Spanish Guitar, featuring original Spanish compositions and re-worked pieces dating back to the early 1900s by legendary composers Geronimo Jimenez, Sabicas (Godfather of Flamenco), and even selections by Agustin Barrios in a string quartet setting.

David Maldonado’s “Noche de Pasion” features everything from a solo guitar, to a string quartet, to a full band and cast of dancers coloring the stage. Portrayed through highly skilled musicians and dancers, exploring the history of the Spanish guitar and the deep emotions evoked by its music.

David Maldonado is a true master of the Spanish guitar, marrying incredible guitar technique with the...

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