Rada Neal
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Rada Neal

San Diego

Rada Neal 's piano style is contemporary with strong classical influences. If you like the sound of David Lanz or George Winston you will be happy to hear her clear, distinctive sound.
She plays the standards, the classics and original pieces.

Sandra Victor  May 16 2018

Rada Mesmerizes her audiences with her passionate piano compositions that penetrate our body, heart, mind and soul. Her fingers are like the wings of angels that bring healing, peace, clarity and joy with her music. Most of all she touches peoples hearts and gives them a glimpse of the beauty of heavenly music. I am so thankful that Rada is sharing her music with the world because we need a bright light like her.

Alex Velasquez  May 01 2018

When Rada called to ask me for a review I was SINCERELY happy to recommend her. I met Rada through my wife and know she has actually played at Carnegie Hall. I've attended several of her concerts and she is a fantastic pianist. I highly recommend anyone hire Rada to entertain at your function large or intimate. You'll be happy you hired her and I guarantee fortunate to have someone of her caliber!

L Robinson  May 01 2018

Such a great pianist!!! Rada played the perfect piano music for my event. She listened to what I wanted, was courteous, professional, and played each piece with passion and proficiency. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer Ross  May 01 2018

Rada's music during our wedding and reception could not have been more perfect! Classy, well dressed lady who just seemed to know what piece to play at the perfect time. I didn't want the fuss of having to worry about the music being too loud or inappropriate for the mixed crowd. Rada instinctively knew when to speed things up and when to mellow the music out ( during our formal reception dinner for 100 she played gorgeous background music and then added quick trills amd melodious endings to the end of the best mans speech...which was perfect) I can't thank you enough Rada, you made our day!

Rebecca Harrold  May 01 2018

Very talented pianist who engages her audience while playing her originals as well as standards. An added pleasure for any event!