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During 40 years as a stand-up comedian music became a bigger part of my performance. Music that I played on guitar while impersonating famous singers. Now I perform great classic songs with very few jokes and a few friends. While I can work solo, I love to work with other musicians. As a duo with Nacho or Miles Pelky on drums makes a solid sound that is contagious. Crowds sing along with classic tunes I sing, tapping there toes with the unique style of music. I've performed on MTV, 91X, KGB, KUSI and other national networks and stations. After 40 years on air in San Diego, my name recognition is sure to bring in a few locals. Currently I co host "On The Air" on KUSI a few times a week. I am an Emmy winning actor, radio host, stand-up comedian who happens to play the guitar and sing...and whistle too!

Russ T Nailz

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