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San Diego Brass and Electric

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San Diego Brass and Electric - featuring the SDB&E Horns and fronted by 3 lead vocalists. High energy and tight punchy grooves to engage your tribe!

Providing a complete package  - soloists, combo's, acoustic sets MC/DJ'ing and even a kid's package so everyone is part of the fun. The right music and vibe to complement each part of your event. 

Austin Jacobs  November 11 2021

All of our wedding guests couldn’t stop gushing about how fantastic SD Brass and Electric was at our wedding. They jammed out all night, and the dance floor was never empty. Bardy, Sam, and the team were very easy to work with, and made everything from cocktail hour to the last song that much more enjoyable. 11 out of 10 would recommend!

Dave Zeman  November 12 2018

We have enjoyed several date nights going to specifically hear these guys (and gals). Extremely talented musicianship rolled into great sets of tunes. Great to dance or just enjoy in concert type setting. Not your everyday easy songs but rather a pleasantly surprising more complex assortment that are beautifully executed! Full horn section and rockin' guitarists in front of solid rhythm section. If you can't dance to these guys your foot is broken for sure...ENJOY!

Sherry Henry  November 07 2018

SDB&E is an amazing band. Not many bands have this kind of talent! Horns, vocals and a variety of music that everyone likes. They bring the energy and entertainment to the crowd, can’t wait to see them again!

Kim Roberson  November 07 2018

San Diego Brass & Electric is an amazing band! They have a hugely diverse selection of music, from rock to pop to standards to dance/party favorites - they can do it all. Only band I've seen in a long time with a full horn section, and all 3 singers have some serious pipes! Every time I've had the opportunity to see them play live has been a truly fun and entertaining night.

Dave Mc Farland  November 07 2018

You gotta see these guys, SDB&E are awesome. With a 10 piece band, including 4 horns, they are able to play a great variety of music, and they do it very well. Great energy and very talented, equals a lot of fun and dancing going on. Can't wait to see them again.