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San Diego born and raised. Rock and alternative music for any live party or event! We've played many venues around SD including: House of Blues, The Casbah, Stone Tap Room, The Merrow, The Office Bar, Hennessy's Tavern, Soda Bar, Winston's, Tin Can Alehouse, Ruby Room, Tin Roof, Viejas Arena and more over the past 4 years. We've also done a fair amount of work with GigTown, with over 25 gigs under our belts!

We have plenty of original songs from three albums (which you can find on iTunes or Spotify if you'd like) and can also do a bunch of covers to fit your venue and style from bands like: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, The War on Drugs, The Beatles, REM, The Black Keys, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Killers, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, The Eagles and much more!

We have our own sound set-up, so just book us and we'll be ready to play. Rock on!

Verified Booking
Luke Sophinos  November 11 2016

Incredible! We loved them.

Verified Booking
Private Event  May 15 2015

Seeking Alpha is a great band. They play with energy and enthusiasm through the whole set.

Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  September 01 2016