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Soul Ablaze Music

San Diego

Funk, Soul & Jazz is what u can expect from us. We are constantly bringing what we call a Neo Rootz Sound!! Imagine: Hendrix,Miles,Prince,Meshell,Miles & Sade pressed record in the same studio.

“Perhaps best known for his work with the group Soul Ablaze, guitarist Verdell Smith is a formidable force even in solo mode. Smith is blessed with a deep soulful voice, his easy going guitar style, which takes in elements of everything from Hendrix to Marley to Prince, wonderfully. Between his work with Soul Ablaze and stints backing others, Smith can play any number of covers, but give a listen to his original music, he’s got plenty of tunes that would stand up well against those of his heroes, and the chops to pull them off”.
Bart Mendoza June 1, 2015


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