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San Diego

Singer and Songwriter TGRDN is an up and coming artist captivating San Diego and Riverside County audiences with her truth-filled lyrics and soulful melodies. TGRDN was born on June 24, 1991 in Riverside, California. She was raised in a musical household with her mother being a talented vocalist; members of her extended family are also gifted vocalists and proficient on various instruments including bass and guitar. Growing up, TGRDN found solace in the melodies of soul and R&B artist, Stevie Wonder. Singing in church and community theater productions only made her peaked interest grow, and she soon discovered she had a personal passion for music. She began writing songs as she entered into her college years as a music major at Vanguard University. Since graduating in 2013, TGRDN has been on the journey of pursuing her music career. She has made appearances at a number of venues in San Diego including Lestat’s West, House of Blues Side Stage, Onyx Room, The Merrow, and Tin Roof SD....

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