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When does something that looks and sounds retro or classic, actually become a new and different thing altogether?
It’s hard to do, and believe me people have tried with varying degrees of success. But, that is just what is happening with a band out of Orange County California, THE JACKPOT CLUB!
By first appearances THE JACKPOT CLUB would seem like just another rockabilly band. Take a twangy guitar and an upright bass, mix in a swingin’ drummer, salt to taste, etc. But after listening to TJC take the crowd through a set or two of music you begin to realize that this is much more than just a ‘rockabilly’ band! No other trio would take the crowd (in just one set, mind you) from bar-room rock-n-roll of a classic like ‘Mercury Blues’ or ‘Seven Nights To Rock’, to a rocked-up Cajun swing ‘Jambalaya; or the crooning of Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’! Who would dare move from the Las Vegas swing of Sam Butera to Nick Lowe’s punky power-pop to Louis Jordan’s rhythm and boogie? Who? Really?

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