The Jonny Tarr Quartet
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The Jonny Tarr Quartet

San Diego

Look. If you want to get totally busy on the dancefloor, wear your best disco wheels and hear some of the hippest cats in San Diego do the do, then look no further. Tooled up to the eyeballs with the freshest in all-original disco funk, boogie down and electro-soul with a few choice future classics thrown in to help you along to a sonic state of ultra-ness, The Jonny Tarr Quartet will take you all the way and back. We are talking saxophones, soft key samples, Stevie and Marvin-esque vocals, three part blue eyed harmonies, chank a chank guitar, heavy heavy sizzle from the ride and the deepest synth bass you ever laid ears on. Get some. Get some. GET some.......................

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GigTown Venue  July 27 2017