The KneeHighs

San Diego

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Far too often, hip hop is reduced to the arrogant, masquerading circus we see on TV, which further perpetuates stereotypes and continues to give hip hop a bad name. Not the KneeHighs. They single-handedly bring hip hop’s potential back into focus – and they have a great time doing it. The hundreds of hands in the air, bodies grooving, and voices hollering the choruses validate the success of the KneeHighs goal: to entertain. Talent plus showmanship has become a rare commodity in a time when everyone has a band and hopes they are as good as the idols they are desperately trying to imitate, but that isn’t where it ends with The KneeHighs. They also bring a craftsmanship into their songwriting which is as rare as a desert oasis for real hip hop thirsty fans.

During their live shows, your eyes can never rest in one place for too long, as all four members bring very different personalities and contributions to the stage. While Talls is known for his lyricism and off the wall antics,...

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