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Composed of two experienced classical guitarists , Robert Wetzel and Fred Benedetti, the Odeum Guitar Duo was formed in 1991 in San Diego, California through their mutual love both for the classical guitar as well as for the beautiful innovative music that can be performed on two guitars. Wetzel, a former long time pupil of the guitar dynasty Romeros family, and Benedetti, who studied with Andres Segovia, have combined their talents and diverse musical backgrounds and experience to form a unique world-class guitar duo.

The classical guitar duo whose 1998 album "Concert Hall Classics" was named Best Classical Recording by Acoustic Guitar magazine, saw their music soar to the heavens, when a 2000 album, Forgotten Romance, flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor on its last flight on May 16, 2011.

Daniel Floyd  July 21 2017

As an ardent follower of both artists, I am always amazed at the mastery and majesty portrayed in every performance they give together as the Odeum Guitar Duo! Lovely!