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Long Beach

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The Thrills Band is a Southern California-based top 40 cover band providing fun, high-energy, dance-heavy music. A dynamic 4-piece group, The Thrills brings new life to your favorite songs, both new and old.

While paying homage to select top hits from the 80’s and 90’s, a sample setlist always includes heavy representation of post-2000 chart toppers. This infusion of current hits, pulled straight from today's charts, not only sets the band apart from others on the scene, but has also become one of its key strengths and most beloved trademarks. Whatever the venue, whatever the crowd, The Thrills Band always serves up a refreshing, authentic, and entertaining musical experience.

Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  March 06 2023
Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  February 21 2023
Verified Booking
Gigtown Pro  February 21 2023
Gigtown Pro  November 26 2022