(thee) sick balloons.
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(thee) sick balloons.

San Diego

sick balloons began back in 2004 as a modest attempt at learning to play guitar-based music via bedroom, and also as a means of alternate expression from other musical meanderings. a lot of the earlier demos were made simply with sister's bass, sampler and 8track (digital, yes). various recordings were passed out amongst friends during this time. in early 2009 after a few years of musical dormancy new recordings began to develop, resulting in sharpened and matured standing amongst previous output.

2011 saw the release of the first official tape/digital release, "farewell to the swagger kids."

shortly after that, begat live procurement fixturing, and the first incarnation of the band.

2013, balloons were seen with 'prague over brooklyn,' a revisit to imperfections and home-fi.

2014 found more experimentation and home recordings with a new record, 'north citrus helvetica.'

after a few shifts and rearrangements, the current roster is aligned with the bravado of punk-informed...

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