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Tim Yancey

San Diego

With over 25 years of experience, Tim is not new to the stage. He is a professional singer, song writer, guitarist and former professional dancer. His live performances are upbeat, fun and unique. His versatility is amazing, allowing him to play and sing, anything from reggae, R&B and pop, to jazz and blues, making each performance one of a kind.

Tim's love for music started when his Father gave him his first guitar at the age of five, and he has never looked back. While Tim worked on mastering the guitar, he also began singing at a young age at Mount Zion Baptist Church in his hometown of Madison, WI. Growing up in a large family, Tim never had to go far to learn the latest dance move or song. A born performer, he started performing dance routines for his family, including costumes changes, before he even started school.

As a teen, Tim perfected the moves of Michael Jackson and performed it in front of thousands, becoming a household name throughout the Midwest. As his...

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Jordan Simpson  February 12 2019

Tim is incredibly talented! He sings and plays the guitar beautifully and knows how to entertain, rather than just sit in the corner and play without interacting with the crowd. I really enjoy his shows and try to go to as many as I can because he never disappoints. I can sit and have a glass of wine and a meal, with my friends, listen to him and still catch up with them, as he doesn't play too loud or obnoxious like other musicians I've seen. He also plays really fun, upbeat songs. Check him out!!

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Sean M  June 22 2018

EXCELLENT! This is the second time we have had Tim perform at our event and he was once again awesome!

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GigTown Venue  June 19 2018

Great song selection and good entertainer. Had the perfect volume and was very attentive to our customers!

Kimberlee Endo  March 19 2018

I LOVED it!! Tim's performance was perfect for date night. I hope he plays again soon!

Michael Lane  March 19 2018

I don't normally do this, but I had to after hearing the soothing voice of Tim Yancey. Soul meets pop with everything in between which kept me engrossed the whole show. Thanks Tim, you're work won't go unnoticed.

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