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Tony Lasley


Tony Lasley does a solo (Guitar&Vocal) thing.
Has a small yet powerful PA system he brings to gigs.
His styles are simple and versatile:

Originals, Blues, Folk, Ragtime, Bossa
Beatles, Dylan
Eagles, Petty
Cat Sevens, Joni Mitchell
CCR, Rolling Stones

There are many videos to watch on his webpage, YouTube and Tiktok.

While growing up in Malibu California, music vinyl that was often spinning in Tony's bedroom and head (with Beatle posters on the walls) included Jobim, Getz/Gilberto, the Beatles and Bob Dylan. What more do you need really?

After that Tony saw the Beatles perform and what happened after that concert is what you'll find below...

Tony mastered many styles of music: Bossa Nova, folk, pop/jazz, rock and Latin-Flamenco.
He plays acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, keyboards, flutes, ukulele, drums and whatever he can get his hands on.

Dan Fogelberg, Dan Bern, Dennis Weaver, Jim Messina, Michael Weatherly (Actor NCIS), Jeff Fenholt (Original...

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