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San Diego

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Torrey Mercer is an award-winning pop artist with natural jazz tones in her voice comparable to Adam Levine or Lady Gaga, with the thought-provoking lyrical punch of twenty one pilots or Sia. Her greatest accomplishments to date include performing on a national antibullying music tour across the U.S, performing for a pre-season NFL game with a crowd of 60,000+ people, getting her song "Looking Glass" featured on the popular YouTube series "The Most Popular Girls in School" (with a channel subscriber count of 860,000+), and recently getting a licensing contract for music off her debut EP, "Exhale" with Jingle Punks in New York.

Torrey created her debut EP as a culmination record under the influence of a few different producers, and her intent with the record was to create songs with deeper lyrical meaning about hardships she has faced in her life. This record, more than anything has lyrical significance to her, as she continues to develop her sound and move forward to work with the...

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