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San Diego
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Play Song Vic Meanguitarlicks Performing The Wall
Play Song Vic Meanguitarlicks Performing The Wall

Music that feeds the soul


I put this together because there is a lot of music that i can’t sometimes perform in past bands. so I decided to assemble the best songs that i like in a compact form so I can perform at any venue at anytime.
This is nothing but pure entertainment and wanting to share some of my favorite music, plus challenge my self with music i have never performed before.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy bringing it to you. Rock and music that feeds my soul.

I am a rock solo artist playing music from the 70's to current with backing tracks
I have been playing around town for a long time and about 30 + years as vocalist and guitar player for different rock bands.
I would love the opportunity to play at your place and possibly become part of the rotation.


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