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TV's Watson & Lewis

San Diego

“TV’s Watson & Lewis” is an acoustic guitar duo featuring the combined talents of San Diego guitar guys "FM Watson" (DaddyLongLeggs, Schmaltz) and "Jimmy Lewis" (Bad Mood Zeus, Super Unloader). This unique duo offers a mix of covers and originals that spans “A” as in instrumental guitar virtuoso songs of “Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia”, to “Z” as in vocal songs of “Zeppelin” and “Zappa”. While there is often a focus on Faux-Flamenco and Spanish guitar flavors, the vocal songs and others fill in everything from Blues and Bluegrass to Classical and Rock, giving this duo the ability to keep it confined to intimate-event acoustic guitar instrumentals for ambiance, or large-scale events where a mixed bag is preferred. (We have a PA).


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