Wolff (Trio)

San Diego

Play Song I Fell In Love - ORIGINAL
Play Song 80s: Mod.English, Smithereens, English Beat, INXS
Play Song 60s: Who, Spencer Davis, Jonny Cash, Stones
Play Song 70s: J.Jackson, E.Costello, Dire Straits, E.John
Play Song 90s+: Spin Doctors, Gin Blossoms, U2, Jimmy Eat World
Play Song World Goes Round - ORIGINAL

Wolff is a compact trio with a large sound, playing mostly iconic, danceable covers spanning 6 decades: "Rockin' Tunes from Both Sides of the Pond and Beyond". Since 2006, venues include Vintana, Mainstream Bar, Hacienda Drivin' East Vega, Sanctuary Lounge. We include artists & tunes not often covered, but well known to audiences. We engage with audiences & have a unique public gig promotion strategy via the largest MeetUp.com groups (over 25,000 members) getting 30-150+ guests to our gigs. References on request. We're seasoned musicians & reliable business professionals.

In addition to playing as a trio, Wolff also plays solo (separate GigTown profile) or as a Duo depending on your need and budget. Wolff has 2 CDs out: 2009 and 2016 on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

The Muppets  April 15 2018

The power of Wolff x 3! Good dynamics and lively music, always space to dance and have fun and socialize.

GigTown User  March 28 2018

Very fun and lively band. I love that they do so many songs I don't hear San Diego cover bands play. Great connection with the audience, too.

Barb Leon  April 14 2018