Upcoming Schedule

Jonny Tarr @ Shake Bar And Lounge
Dance, Soul, Electronic
Friday, September 29th @ 6:00pm
9/29 @ 6:00PM
You want some proper wicked multi-instrumental badass dance floor filling jazz step electro-soul hiphop-tronic biznizz all out of one Welshman, his sax/guitar/flute/synth and a loop station than you are in the right place, people. A graduate of Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts then touring Europe and Japan, and now a permanent resident of Southern California, Jonny specializes in ultra hip versions of classic soul and contemporary chart smashers with some slickly crafted covers for the studio heads. Maximum sizzle. For serious. (Jonny is a totally self contained artist and can provide his own PA system and sound equipment.) Get ON it.
Farrah Camu @ Shake Bar And Lounge
Saturday, September 30th @ 6:00pm
9/30 @ 6:00PM
Hi there! I have R&B, soul, and pop music influences, however I enjoy adjusting my song selections to the crowd or venue. While I am currently playing gigs based in San Diego, a lot of my cover music can be found on my YouTube page under "Farrah Camu". I would love to be a part your event!

Venue Details

Shake Bar And Lounge Location
750 B St, San Diego, CA